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Bespoke solutions

Our contribution will make it easier for you to start up a project. Extensive experience of boarding at facilities ensures our customers a seamless offering.

Regardless of whether your project is in roadworks, tunnel excavation, industry or power development, you can spend your time on your area of expertise and safely leave the boarding to us.

No matter whether you need 100 or 1,000 rooms, we have well-established procedures that give you:

  • One dedicated contact who is responsible for all aspects of the boarding service.
  • Skilled chefs who take pride in their profession.
  • Cleaners who are followed up both through continuous training and good procedures.
  • Professional receptionist and janitor

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Our services


Boarding is the sum total of all the welfare services we offer. These include, among other things, booking services, meal services and cleaning.

Key to our delivery is our Site Manager, who acts as your point of contact for all services.


When you arrive at the site and the reception, you are registered in our booking system and receive the keys to your room.


We serve good and nutritious food to hungry workers every single day. To us it is important that food contributes to establish a sense of belonging and well-being away from home.

We are used to a diverse customer base with different backgrounds and nationalities, and we develop our menus based on who is staying at the camp. Variation is important, and we achieve this by preparing seasonal dishes and a varied weekly menu.


A tidy and clean room is a matter of course upon arrival. The same obviously applies to the facility at your disposal. With us you can settle down and relax before a strenuous working week.

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Thomas Brekke
Thomas Brekke Sales Director Camp Service office: tel 02517