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- groundbreaking operating concepts

In record time, 4Service has built itself up to become a leading contender in offshore services, and we provide these services to some of the largest Norwegian oil, gas, and rig companies in the northern hemisphere.
With our broad experience from operations on production platforms, flotels, and drilling rigs on the Norwegian and Danish continental shelves, we have acquired knowledge and expertise from some of the largest operator and rig companies in the North Sea. This knowledge provided the basis for the development of our pioneering operating concepts and our innovative HSE and quality system.

After several years working within an international conglomerate, we also have extensive experience of global cooperation within the offshore business. We have retained large parts of our global network, and now benefit from international inspiration and new global trends. Combined with our long experience in Norway, where local regulations and cultural peculiarities are well taken care of, we are equipped with everything that is necessary to ensure a service operation that fully satisfies the client, guests, employees and respective authorities’ requirements and expectations.


In 4Service, we have a strong focus on multidisciplinary, i.e. training of employees so that they master several work tasks. In addition to providing high-quality food and cleaning services, we also provide a large selection of additional services both in and outside the residential area.
The additional services will vary from client to client, but common to all our customers is that the additional services increase year by year both in scope and complexity.

We provide a wide range of services such as:
• Canteen (Choice 4YOU)
• Cleaning and laundry services (Clean 4YOU)
• Kiosk
• Welfare coordinator
• Contingency tasks
• Helicopter landing Offices (HLO) and Helideck Assistant (HAD)
• Temporary recruitment services

Choice 4YOU

Choice 4YOU is our complete canteen offer offshore, where health, variety and Norwegian home cooking is put into a system.
Our guests spend long periods of time offshore and their stay can be monotonous if everyday life is not spiced with great food and quality service.

The meals should be a highlight of the day and the surrounding setting should facilitate well-being.
With Choice 4YOU, we offer our customers and guests a wide range of warm and cold dishes based on healthy, delicious, and nutritious alternatives – from morning till evening.
We are committed to serving healthy and nutritious dishes for both Norwegian and international guests. We therefore offer a varied selection based on Norwegian home cooking supplemented with more trendy and international dishes, and our menus are the result of a close collaboration between our chefs, a nutritionist, and product assortment.

We also arrange theme-based days where the menu consists of exotic and exciting dishes from all around the world.


Choice 4YOU aims to contribute to:

• Make it easier for canteen guests to choose healthy food through ‘Healthy Choices’.
• Raise awareness about the connection between food and health, preferably in collaboration with the client’s personnel.
• Our slogan is ‘Replacing instead of discarding’.
• Increased focus on comfort in the canteen.
• Improve the quality of the canteen service using local suppliers, local ingredients, local food culture and quality products.

Clean 4YOU

Clean 4YOU is our offshore cleaning and laundry concept. The concept ensures an innovative and reliable delivery where training, environment, ergonomics, and the right equipment is put into a system.

Clean 4YOU aims to contribute to:

• Preserve values and create a good indoor environment.
• Remove environmentally hazardous chemicals, Styrofoam, plastic etc.
• Increase well-being among guests.
• Improve the quality of cleaning service through training, increased use of mechanical cleaning and use of ergonomically correct equipment.

4Service ensures that the quality of cleaning and laundry service is maintained at a high level through good training and management, good equipment, and machinery, as well as environmentally friendly quality products from Ecolab. We plan for a significant use of mechanical cleaning both to reduce costs for the customer and to reduce the risk of strain injuries to our cleaning staff.

Other services

One employee – several tasks

Our focus on the multidisciplinary means that we ensure training of employees so that they master several work tasks offshore. This makes us able to deliver a wide selection of important additional services both in and outside the residential area, such as:

  • Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) and Helideck Assistant (HAD). Through HLO and HAD, we can run the daily operation of a helicopter deck and keep the platform manager informed about the status related to the helicopter deck, necessary equipment and provide the knowledge of how to deal with various difficulties and emergencies.
  • A welfare coordinator with the responsibility for well-being among guests with activities such as spinning, movie nights and bingo etc.
  • Kiosk for magazines, newspapers, snacks, and sweets.
  • Contingency tasks such as lifeboat driver, first aider and search team.
  • Temporary recruitment services (catering manager, chef, cleaner).

With our broad experience from the operation of production platforms, flotels, and drilling rigs on the Norwegian and Danish continental shelves, we have acquired knowledge and expertise from some of the largest operator and rig companies in the North Sea. This knowledge is the basis for our pioneering operating concepts and innovative HSE and quality systems.

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Per Henning Tjelta
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