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Food & Facilities

Eliin Gulsrud Kittelsen

Direktør FS og Kommersiell virksomhet

Joakim Korell

Direktør Personalrestauranter

Margita Stopkova

Manager, Eir Food & Beverages

Richard Duursema

Head of Catering

Silje Fredrikke Sundt

Head of Coworking and Meeting Centres

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cato Malnes

Sales Director, Eir Renhold

Robert Krogstad

Director of Operations, Eir Renhold

Keba Fehratovic

Concept Manager, Eir Maintenance


Inge Kolstad

Director, Camps

Per Henning Tjelta

Direktør Offshore

Thomas Brekke

Project Director


Lars Petter Nilsen

Purchasing Director

Christoffer Stenvik

Marketing Manager


Finn Rune Kristiansen


Anine Tennøe

Director of HR and Corporate Social Responsibility

Patrick Malnes

Divisional Director, Cleaning and Maintenance

Trine Holmen-Løkken

Divisional Director, Food &Facilities

Stian Stenlund

Divisional Director, Accommodation

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920 37 631

Postal invoices:

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Company name Co. reg. no.
4Service AS 997 649 117
4Service Eir Camp AS 914 902 940
4Service Gruppen AS 897 392 232
4Service Holding AS 916 271 344
4Service Facility AS 990 035 946
4Service Landanlegg AS 996 164 748
4Service Offshore AS 994 835 904
4Service Offshore Hotels AS 916 776 306
4Service Eir Renhold AS 917 719 993

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Oslo head office

4Service AS

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Brynsalléen 4
0667 Oslo

Postal address:
Postboks 6489 Etterstad
0606 Oslo


4Service AS
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4016 Stavanger


4Service AS
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4Service AS
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