Sustainability in 4Service

Sustainability - more than just numbers 

In 4Service, sustainability has been a leading decision factor since its inception in 2010. For every step we have taken, the goal has been to make the world a little betterOur catchment area is large - both in the number of industries and disciplines we touch, but with this also the number of areas we have the opportunity to make more sustainable. 

We cannot live on old merits, so to ensure innovation and further development, everything we choose to invest in must be so good, so simple and profitable that it ends up as a routine, this being only using sustainable Norwegian seafood, recruitment from alternative channels or securing our supply chain.  


Practical sustainability 

For us, sustainability means more than numbers in the annual report - it means willingness to make necessary measures and changes, willingness to invest and willingness to roll up our sleeves. Sustainability is created through action and obligations, and an insight that you cannot do everything alone. We choose partners that are innovative, committed and leading in their fields, and who will assist us with expertise and advice, but also challenge us to be better. 

Food and environment 

4Service serves 40,000 meals and cleans 5 million sqm every day. In sum, this means that even small improvements in daily operations have major and positive consequences for the environment, and our approach to what we serve and which products and suppliers we use, has a tremendous significance. 

The transition to using exclusively eco-labeled cleaning products was quite simple - committing ourselves to using only sustainable Norwegian seafood in our staff restaurants and canteens, on the other hand, has required preparation, innovation, skills development and a willingness to make efforts. We have set ourselves the goal of being 100% free of disposable plastic by 2025, and although we know that this also will require extra resources, new ways of thinking and more use of time, it too is something that we know eventually will end up as a natural part of our routines. 

When we won the food award for catering 2020, we received a confirmation that what we do is right, but the biggest and most important confirmation comes from our customers - who choose us again and again, and who know that sustainability is a weighty factor in all our solutions. 

Social sustainability 

Our vision: Through continuous analyzes in and of the organization, create opportunities that contribute to solving societal challenges - for both individuals and groups. 

With almost 3,000 employees nationwide, there is no doubt that it is the people who are our greatest resource and success factor. Working with the social part of sustainability requires more than the implementation of new procedures - social sustainability requires continuous and operational action. In order to ensure this, as well as to ensure a systematic and holistic approach to the work with social sustainability, in 2020 we employed a designated resource for this. 

It is easy to get lost in the work with social sustainability, and the danger of ending up in a landscape consisting of a lot of talk and little action is great. We have therefore developed four focus areas within social sustainability - and we use these points as a guideline to ensure operational implementation of social sustainability in all parts of the organization. 

Recruitment: We are determined to build our growth with sustainable and inclusive recruitment, and our aim is that 30% of our recruitments are done through alternative channels. Also we are to give internal applications extra value and weight in all recruitment processes. 

Create new jobs: We are in a constantly evolving industry, and 4service’s perhaps biggest competitive advantage is our ability to develop innovative solutions for our customers. This includes new jobs, which we largely want to fill through alternative channels. 

Competence development: We strive to ensure that all our employees have the opportunity to develop; both personally and within their work field. Through courses and mentoring, we also offer our competence to people outside, who needs to strengthen their position in a generally demanding labor market. 

Cooperation: We can not employ everyone, but we can - through the partners we choose to cooperate with - contribute to jobs for people who are outside. In all our purchasing processes, the supplier's social aspect are to be weighed up against price.