4Service inntar Tjuvholmen med et helt nytt flaggskipkonsept!

Nylig ble det klart at det var 4Service som stakk av med den prestigetunge kontrakten på Tjuvholmen Alle 1-5 for oppdragsgiver Canica Eiendom. 4Service vant på bakgrunn av totalkonsept, relevante kundereferanser og en foreslått meny av tjenester helt i markedets tetsjikt.

Canica Eiendom is a new and exciting acquaintance for 4Service, and is a farm owner with a long-term perspective who takes quality and service very seriously. The team from 4Service was led by Jon Forkerudseter, Director of Business Development, and the business broker on the assignment was Akershus Eiendom:

- The choice fell on 4Service as our total supplier based on their history of concepts and deliveries. Tjuvholmen Alle 1-5 deserve a premium service concept unlike anything the market has seen before. We are sure that the building, the users and visitors will now get that, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you, says Trond Aslaksen, partner in Akershus Eiendom.

Tjuvholmen Alle 1-5 consists of 15,000 square meters of offices and shared facilities and has one of the capital's most exclusive locations. The contract has a duration of 3 years, and starts on 01.04.2024. A total of 8 employees from different parts of 4Service will soon have one of Tjuvholmen's entrance properties as their permanent workplace.

Exclusive solutions

Forkerudseter can say that both guests to the property and those who have their workplace there can look forward to a number of experiences of very high quality:

- With an address like this, and a farm owner like Canica Eiendom, we quickly realized that we had to push all the buttons we have. Therefore, this will be a new flagship for us, with the new concept, Seafront, which sews it all together. Here we will bring together all our services of the absolute highest quality, but also create completely new experiences within both food and operations.

Among the services that have already been confirmed, we find a hyper-modern kitchen from Spanish Marrone, guest appearances by famous chefs, as well as a unique coffee and juice bar with the market's most modern coffee brewing equipment from Poursteady and Modbar. In sum, this should contribute to Tjuvholmen Alle 1-5 getting the market's best staff restaurant in terms of design, food quality and further development.

- The goal is that everyone who enters the doors at Tjuvholmen Alle 1-5 will get the exclusive hotel feeling, while our employees will ensure that it is neither rigid nor automated. This should be a place you want to work and visit. Together with Canica Eiendom, we will push the boundaries and create a new standard for a commercial building of this type!

Continuous innovation

In the competition for the coveted contract, emphasis was also placed on the willingness and ability to create new services and experiences for the tenants. On this point, Forkerudseter is sure that 4Service scored highly:

- Anyone who knows 4Service knows that we are constantly looking for new ways to solve challenges. We are therefore pleased that farm owners also want development in the service offering. It makes going to work more exciting for us, and not least it contributes to the tenants' working day being filled with both energy and hopefully many positive experiences over time.

Through, among other things, an innovation platform for food and drink, arrangements will be made for frequent supplier visits to Tjuvholmen. By being able to observe and meet the users of the services together, it will be easier to make adjustments, or offer completely new services and unique activities for both tenants and guests.